Lead generation on autopilot in real estate

Context & objectives

A leading real estate player was generating thousands of leads through social media and over ten websites. However, since no less than eight different suppliers were involved, it was impossible to draw a centralized performance overview.

Consolidating the leads in one Excel file was a tedious task that could take days, involving a lot of emailing and copy-pasting. Therefore, the company asked us to provide a solution to smoothen the process.


First, we contacted each supplier to establish a data transfer procedure to receive new leads as soon as they appeared.

Second, we developed a script to automate the retrieval, cleaning, standardization, and merging of all the leads.

We then deployed the script on a light cloud infrastructure to add the leads every day to a shared spreadsheet for easy consultation by the whole commercial team (before a CRM migration).

We also documented clear guidelines to ensure the future smooth integration of new suppliers.


This project was significant as it preceded the implementation of a group-wide CRM.

Thanks to the developed automation, our client was able to:

  • become more proactive on the generated leads, months before the full CRM went into production
  • prepare prospect databases in minutes for each targeted campaigns
  • effortlessly onboard new commercial partners thanks to the precise guidelines

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