Loyal customers: more than a number

Building a loyal customer base is not just about longevity.
Your most loyal customers also help you become more profitable in various ways.


Increase average spend

Theynot only stay longer, they spend more on average.


Identify improvements

They are the most reliable source of meaningful, constructive feedback.


Make referrals

Their recommendations to friends and family lower your cost of acquisition.


Lower cost to serve

They are less difficult and costly to serve on average.

Making sense of what drives customer experience

To create loyal customers who will help your company thrive, you need to manage their experience across the entire customer journey. The journey your customers take may vary slightly, but customer journeys follow this general sequence.


Focusing on the journey, rather than on particular touchpoints, is definitively associated with better customer experience outcomes. Many factors influence the customer journey:

  • Product or service meeting expectations: having your product/service matching your customers’ expectations is the basic requirement. This can be driven by your own marketing as well as your customers’ experience with comparable products/services;

  • Multi-channel service: customers expect a seamless experience, regardless of the chosen interaction channel;

  • Employee behaviour: it’s not only about your product/service. Front-line employees can make or break a customer experience, and those behind the scenes (back-office, logistics…) can also have a significant impact.

  • Operational success: operational metrics can gauge efficiencies within an organisation, but they don’t always speak to what’s important to the customer. It’s ideal to match an operational metric with a corresponding customer measurement to calibrate operational targets.

  • Technology systems: fragmented and outdated systems systems can complicate processes and frustrate customers, but they no longer be an excuse.

  • Organisational silos: many organisations are guilty of “shipping the org chart”, that is structure their offering in a way that reflects their structure, leading to cumbersome handoffs between departments, and negatively impacting customers.

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How we can help

At Agilytic, we help organisations reach their goals through the smarter use of data. Our team has a wide ranging experience in data-driven customer experience programmes in demanding industries such as Telecom, Healthcare or Insurance.

Some of our previous interventions had the following results:

  • Boost the up-/cross-sell to your customers
    → Read our case study

  • Identify influencers amongst your client base

  • Identify customers “in distress”: pre-emptively engage with customers who are getting lost between various touch points

  • Prioritise initiatives based on the correlation between your products, your touch points and customer loyalty, thanks to advanced churn modelling
    → Read our case study

  • Set up “proactive” retention tactics to act before your customers leave for good
    → Read our case study

  • Automate the reporting of your Customer Experience programme in an unified view
    → Read our case study



Never stop learning

We believe in continuous training. Our certifications complement our practical expertise by keeping us up to date with the latest developments, ensuring we follow the best practices and pass them on to our clients and collaborators.


To support our transformation, we needed to improve the way we master data and use it to achieve our strategic goals.
Agilytic is an ideal partner to support our organisation in this transition: they combine deep data science expertise with strong business skills. They are working hand in hand with our business experts, with a pragmatic, flexible and result-driven approach. Furthermore, their dedication & team spirit are very much appreciated by our colleagues.
I strongly recommend Agylitic to any company willing to speed up its “data learning curve”!
— D. Fraiture. Chief Transformation Officer, Partenamut

No software, no subscription

Our focus is to help you work better, not sell you yet-another-SaaS.
The solutions we develop stay with you, and we ensure knowledge is transferred to internal teams before we leave.