Reach your goals through the smarter use of data.

Agilytic bridges the gap between data science and the boardroom.

Starting from the business objectives, we design high-impact projects to deliver tangible results through data analytics, automation and data storytelling.

Since 2015, we help companies from all sectors reach their ambitious targets, assisting them all the way from project design to implementation.

Our team finds its roots from the most demanding industries, where even small changes can have a major impact.


Advanced analytics...

We combine the right amount of internal and external data to build models to describe, predict and recommend.

accurate-action-adult-416760.jpg take action...

We don't do data science for technology's sake. All our interventions are geared towards providing actionable information.


...and deliver real results

We always have a measurable outcome in mind when starting our projects. Expect tangible results in a matter of weeks, not months.


It all starts and ends with people

No matter whether it is about helping a non-profit optimise its fleet of care vehicles, or assisting a world-leading insurance company at the cutting edge of technology, there are talented professionals at the root of each of our achievements.

  • If you are about problem solving rather than problem finding;

  • If you are curious but care about detail until final delivery;

  • If you are as good at communicating as crafting analytic workflows

... you'll fit just right within our growing team.


Empowering leading organisations since 2015