Telecom expertise is in our DNA


Telecom and Agilytic’s history are deeply intertwined: the founding partners of Agilytic actually met at a telecom & media operator and built on top of a rich and diverse sectorial experience.

Whether it’s through forecasting mobile ecosystems in the Silicon Valley, exploring operators’ challenges at Mobile World Congress, or rolling our sleeves to dig deep into a customer experience programme, we built what is arguably the strongest telecom experience of any independent data science practice in Belgium.

Our team members forecasted the smartphone market when there was no “smartphone” to speak of. One tested the first Android phone (a full charge lasted 2 hours, in case you were wondering). Others were on the front lines when operators started breaking data silos. Our founders built the first up-sell models before “big data” was even a buzzword, on a dusty desktop PC in a storage room, running batches every night… you get the idea.

Since then, we didn’t stay idle. Below are just a few examples of what we can do to help you reach your goals.


Commercial performance

  • Optimise your online & offline marketing spend with econometric and attribution modelling. Learn more →

  • Find the best Up-Sell/Cross-sell offer for each customer through smart recommandation models. Learn more →

  • Improve your web sales efficiency by linking web and campaign data to transactions and product usage

  • Boost B2B sales performance with a smarter segmentation based on sectorial and financial data. Learn more →

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Customer experience

Drive an end-to-end data-driven customer experience programme.

“Keep” is the new “get”. When it comes to customer experience, we’re not messing around either. We have been actively contributing to customer experience programmes, from the core networks all the way to the equipment and the contact channels (call centres, retail…).

  • Prioritise your projects by identifying those whose impacts are most correlated to customer loyalty

  • Build a proactive retention initiative: target high value customers at risk of defaulting to the competition with personalised propositions.

  • Steer product improvement decisions through finer analysis of usage patterns (web, set-top boxes, over-the-top services…)

  • Forecast network capacity needs as well as call centre volumes.

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Bad debt & dunning

Not all late payers are fraudsters. Using smart payer segmentation, you can

  • assess the risk of late payment for each individual client

  • escalate quicker the cases associated with the highest risk of fraud

  • recover due amounts quicker thanks to a customised, more empathetic messaging to deal with specific situations: distraction, insatisfaction…

  • increase the share of customers registered through a direct debit payment mechanism

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Human resources

Telecom is a fast-paced sector where talents are very mobile and sought after. Ensure your key players remain involved with your organisation instead of applying their expertise at the competitors’.

  • Streamline the treatment of high volume candidate applications through natural language processing

  • Anticipate absenteeism for a more realistic capacity planning

  • Optimise workforce management for improved productivity and employee satisfaction

  • Identify employees at risk of leaving the organisation and the suspected root causes for smarter retention initiatives

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Insights. Actions. Results.

Since 2015, Agilytic helps organisations reach their goals through the smarter use of data.
We have completed over 60 successful projects, in telecom and beyond.