Using data science in the banking industry is more than a trend, it has become a necessity to keep up with the competition. New technologies will increasingly help banks focus their resources efficiently, make smarter decisions and improve performance.

Since 2015, Agilytic helps major banks reach their goals through the power of analytics, going beyond the dashboard and towards proactive recommendations for a more efficient commercial performance management, enhanced customer experience and smarter HR practices.

Demonstrated experience in banking

Banking has been one of the most active sectors in the history of Agilytic, with successful projects spanning the entire customer experience and support activities.

To name a few…


Commercial performance, in B2C and B2B

Customer experience & loyalty

Some say “keep is the new get”. In an increasingly competitive sector, where switching banks can be done faster than you can say “PSD2”, customer experience is paramount to secure valuable relationships in the long run.

  • Prioritise your projects for maximum impact thanks to a clearer link between each initiative and its impact on loyalty

  • Reach out to your “clients at risk” before they switch: identify soon enough who is most likely to leave your bank, and set up proactive retention campaigns equipped with individual offers most likely to secure a continued business.

  • Improve customer experience and reduce cost-to-serve with client-facing “bots”

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Risk and recovery


Human resources

  • Avoid productivity bottlenecks by anticipating employee absenteeism

  • Improve the efficiency of your retention and recruitment efforts by anticipating employee departures

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  • Automate your document management though natural language processing

  • Assign customer contacts immediately to the right contact thanks to NLP and sentiment analysis

In their words

We enjoyed working with the highly skilled professionals from Agilytic, who brought us new insights and challenged us to get the best out of the project.
Their analytical capabilities, can-do mindset and customer oriented approach were key to the successful delivery of the project.
Very positive experience for ING.
— M. Potier — Program Manager Advanced Predictive Analytics
Agilytic has brought added value in multiple projects we handled within Analytics. We collaborate efficiently to provide answers to both business strategic questions and Data science challenges.
Delivery of projects is fast and business mindset is incorporated in the recommendations. Interaction with the other team members is optimal and highly appreciated.
Agilytic brings innovative ideas that will help our business remain competitive in the banking sector.
I certainly recommend Agilytic.
— Michael Lyajoon — Head of Marketing Analytics

Insights. Actions. Results.

Since 2015, Agilytic helps organisations reach their goals through the smarter use of data.
We have completed over 60 successful projects, in banking and beyond.