To support our transformation, we as Partenamut needed to improve the way we master data and use it to achieve our strategic goals. 

Agilytic is an ideal partner to support our organisation in this transition: they combine deep data science expertise with strong business skills. They are working hand in hand with our business experts, with a pragmatic, flexible and result-driven approach.  Furthermore, their dedication & team spirit are very much appreciated by our colleagues.

I strongly recommend Agylitic to any company willing to speed up its "data learning curve”!

D. Fraiture — Chief Transformation Officer


We enjoyed working with the highly skilled professionals from Agilytic, who brought us new insights and challenged us to get the best out of the project.

Their analytical capabilities, can-do mindset and customer oriented approach were key to the successful delivery of the project. 

Very positive experience for ING.

M. Potier — Program Manager Advanced Predictive Analytics
ING Belgium


Working with Agilytic is a pleasure. They are hands-on, solutions-driven and experts in data.

  • The fact that they are a "small" company allows them to answer quickly to customer needs.

  • They are used to working on customers' premises, which added value compared to other consultants.

  • They anticipate and offer solutions that fit our needs.

  • Their management works hands in hands with their team, stay close to the customer, which is really appreciated.

  • Regarding the budget, they offer different options, allowing us to go as far as we want.

I strongly recommend Agilytic.

Christel Verwilghen — Head of Marketing
BPI Real Estate

Leading Bank in Belgium

Agilytic has brought added value in multiple projects we handled within Analytics. We collaborate efficiently to provide answers to both business strategic questions and Data science challenges.

Delivery of projects is fast and business mindset is incorporated in the recommendations. Interaction with the other team members is optimal and highly appreciated.

Agilytic brings innovative ideas that will help our business remain competitive in the banking sector.
I certainly recommend Agilytic.

Michael Lyajoon — Head of Marketing Analytics


We are delighted: super efficient, attentive, and relevant!

Nicolas Mentior — Director
Sweet Unity


Like many other companies, we knew we could significantly benefit from a better use of our data. Agilytic’s pragmatic approach helped us reach significant milestones in pricing, customer loyalty and the overall understanding of our business’ dynamics.

We particularly appreciated how they made sure to start from the business need and translate it into a data project; their contribution exceeded our expectations

We highly recommend Agilytic to any business eager to get real value out of their data.

R. Salazar — Head Of Customer Marketing Department
Verisure / Securitas Direct France

With a large vehicle fleet, CSD has been looking for performance improvements in its asset allocation and dispatching processes.

Agilytic supported CSD in this challenge through strong competencies in data science, combined with the required curiosity to correctly understand our business needs.

The results in such a short intervention exceeded our expectations.

Thanks to their user-friendly and pragmatic approach, it was a pleasure working closely with the Agilytic team.

E. Richard — Operations & Coordination Manager


Agilytic helped us stay ahead of the competition. They brought innovative solutions to our business, helped us better understand our data leading to an improvement in our processes.

They are proactive, highlight original opportunities for improvement, while remaining respectful and convivial. Hiring Agilytic was without a doubt an excellent investment !

D. Zovi — Managing Director
Euro Fides


The various projects led by Agilytic brought us a much better understanding of our existing customers and other commercial opportunities. They were very efficient in blending internal and external data to deliver the necessary recommendations, backed by clear justifications.

Their results are beyond our expectations. We strongly recommend Agilytic to increase the ROI of marketing initiatives.

E. Mossay — Innovation & Business Development Manager


Agilytic saved us hours of work, while preventing human errors due to manual data manipulations. They helped us automating the end-to-end treatment of the data we receive every day from our B2B clients.

They worked closely with our teams, ensuring that the results were perfectly meeting our expectations. We particularly appreciated their flexible and pragmatic approach, both crucial in our line of work.

D. Logghe — Director