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We don't hire people for who they are, we hire people for who they will become.

Are you looking to make a measurable impact for clients and to learn from new challenges? Do you have a passion for business and an entrepreneurial sense?

We value a work environment that allows you to do great work, grow your skillset and, most importantly, be happy while doing it. If this sounds good to you, visit our current openings!

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What we offer

🌈 Equal opportunity and diversity

We believe diversity breeds excellence. We are committed to providing employees with a safe work environment, free of discrimination and harassment. We base our remuneration structure and decision-making processes on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to race, belief, nationality, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

💰 Competitive remuneration package

We offer a competitive remuneration package, complete with a company car, fuel card, phone subscription, laptop, meal vouchers, etc. There is also a variable incentive element based on your quantitative and qualitative contributions to our growth.

📚 A personalized career and training roadmap

We consider the moment you join the team to be just the beginning. We will draft together a roadmap, considering client needs, our internal competencies, and your interests to expand your skills and advance your career.

💞 Data for good

On top of your holidays, we also offer you the possibility to spend a week working your data magic for a cause you care about. These five days will count as normal working days with us, but your week won’t be billed to our non-profit partner. Some conditions apply (e.g. has to be a recognized non-profit based in Belgium), but hopefully, you’ll take this opportunity to tackle other meaningful challenges.

🌱 Supportive structure and transparency

What we don’t have in scale, we’ll make it up with flexibility, support, and transparency. We will be there for you, every step of the way.

🧰 Modern tools

Tools are a means to an end. We want them to help you do your best work, not become a bottleneck. That’s why you can expect up-to-date hardware and software tools so that you (hopefully) never have to swear at your computer.

🥳 Oh, and a little bit of fun too…

We take our work very seriously, but we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves. Life is too short. Our lake-view offices are a breath of fresh air; for rainy days, the pool table and other goodies will be available when you need a break.

🛣 It’s not “work from home”.
It’s “work from anywhere”

We don’t plan on going fully remote any time soon. We will always have a welcoming base with top-notch amenities (yay gigabit fiber!) for all the team to interact and socialize.
What the recent events taught us is that the brightest minds don’t necessarily want to work “from home”. They want to work where they feel productive…
That’s why, when it suits our projects, we are happy to offer our colleagues the flexibility of working from where they want, be it from home, our offices, or any other place.

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What to expect

Since 2015, our mission statement is to help organizations reach their goals through the smarter use of data. We care about goals first, and data second.

We are obsessive about providing our clients with actionable insights that translate into tangible improvements for their business. Sometimes those improvements are huge and sudden, but other times we are tasked to find incremental optimizations that will compound to a large impact over time.

That's why we think there's no improvement too small, and no challenge too big.

Our experts have engineering, mathematics, and business academic backgrounds, coupled with professional experience in management consulting firms as well as “big data” projects.

Rapid Impact

Our goal is to enable our clients to grow and optimize their business rapidly, in a way that makes economic sense. Our projects therefore usually differentiate from mainstream consulting projects by a shorter, denser duration.

Early Successes

Despite its young age, Agilytic has been fortunate to earn the trust of high-profile clients in the Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Automobile, and Security sectors (to name a few). We already count over 100 successful projects.

🗺 Where we are going

We aspire to become a leading consultancy in Belgium.

We are a profitable and sustainable business, so not really a start-up anymore. Some might say we’re a “scale-up'“: we are using the margins we generate to self-fund our growth, aiming for a constant but manageable onboarding of new hires.

💡How we are going to get there

We are looking for data science professionals to strengthen our team and allow us to build on top of our previous successes. This means expanding in both dimensions:

👥 Data science alone is not enough

We like to say Agilytic is in its “teenage years”. We’re no longer the new kid on the block. Our product-market fit has been validated long ago and we know what we need to do. We just need the time and resources to get where we need.

What does it mean for ? It means we are looking for need pragmatic yet proactive professionals who can introduce stability all the while sustaining growth. For example:

While data science is at the core of what we do, it is all for a purpose. There are two important things to consider before deciding if working with us is a good fit.

Everybody is on the front line

Everybody — and we mean everybody — is client-facing. This means it is primordial to have a genuine desire to help our clients, most often on their premises. Expect great interactions with high-level executives, but also to be in constant collaboration with colleagues and teams at our clients.

Horizontal structure

We value a horizontal organizational structure. This means you won’t have countless management layers before interacting with anyone at Agilytic. On the other hand, this implies being a proactive force of proposal: do not wait for a process or mandate to suggest a course of action!

🤝 What we expect from our team

We don't hire people for what they are; we hire people for what they will become. Therefore, we don't expect a perfect fit from day one.

That said, there are a couple of personality traits that we look for because they form the foundation of a successful career with us.

🚨 Some signs this may not be the right fit

Selection Process

A full selection process usually takes a few weeks and should look a lot like this:

1. CV + Cover Letter pre-selection: based on your application, we determine if we’d like to schedule a first interview

2. A first interview within the following two weeks to go over your motivations, qualifications, and ambitions. It usually takes one hour and isn’t that technical.

3. If you and us decide to progress onto the next phase, you will be invited to come back and work on two individual case studies. While no specific preparation is required, we recommend familiarizing yourself with their format and objectives to check for yourself if you are all set.

4. Meeting with the rest of the team and final discussion with the founders over an offer, while we conduct the usual reference checks.

PS: feel free to leave your suit at home - we're business casual here.

👉 Honest feedback 🔄 Both ways 👻 No Ghosting

If you take the time to discuss a career with us, it's only fair that we invest time in making it worthwhile for you too, no matter the outcome. That's why we make a point of providing honest, structured, and actionable feedback should we decide to stop the recruitment process at any stage after the first interview.

But feedback must go both ways: we encourage all candidates to help us make it the best experience possible.