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We don't hire people for who they are - we hire people for who they will become.

Are you looking to make a measurable impact and learn from new challenges? Do you have a passion for business and an entrepreneurial sense?

We value a work environment that allows you to do great work, grow your skillset, and be happy while doing it. If this sounds good to you, visit our current openings!

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🪙 What we offer

We are working hard to make Agilytic the best place to work, learn and grow professionally.

👉 What's in it for you

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👤 Who we look for

We are looking for the right mix of attitude and core competencies.

👉 Are you a match?

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🔎 Selection process

We strive to offer the best selection process in the business. This is not just an empty promise.

👉 What you can expect.

🗺 Where we are going

We aspire to become a leading consultancy in Belgium. So far, we’ve worked with more than 70 high-profile clients in banking, insurance, telecom, automobile, retail, and more, counting over 150 successful projects.

We are a profitable and sustainable business. Some might say we're a "scale-up": we use the margins generated to self-fund our growth, aiming for a constant but manageable onboarding of new hires.

🧭 Our values

We don’t see “values” as empty words. Five core values guide the way we work and the decisions we make each day. We highly encourage you to go through them to get a better sense of how we work.

👉 Values

💡How we are going to get there

We are looking for data science professionals to strengthen our team and help us expand in both dimensions:

👥 Data science alone is not enough

We need pragmatic yet proactive professionals who can introduce stability while sustaining growth by:

There are two essential things to consider:

1 - Everybody is on the front line

Everybody is client-facing. It is vital to have a genuine desire to help our clients, often that means going to their offices. Expect meaningful interactions with high-level executives, but also to be in constant collaboration with colleagues and clients’ teams.

2 - Our horizontal structure

You won't have numerous management layers before interacting with anyone at Agilytic. On the other hand, this implies being a proactive force of proposal: don’t wait for a process or mandate to suggest a course of action!

🌈 Equal opportunity and diversity

We strongly believe diversity breeds excellence. We are committed to providing employees with a safe work environment, free of discrimination and harassment.

We base our remuneration structure and decision-making processes on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to race, belief, nationality, age, gender, or sexual orientation.