Smarter Workforce Management in Health Insurance

Context & Objectives 

A major player in health insurance was facing an overwhelming increase in back-office requests. These requests required painstaking and time-consuming manual treatment. The resulting inefficiencies were having significant repercussions on the quality of service, but also on employee well-being.

The Agilytic team was thus asked to find ways to make the whole process more efficient. 


We began by mapping one team’s work conditions: we mapped task load and sources, as well as its management constraints, such as employee availability, skill levels, or the type of assignments. This served as the basis for a pilot that allowed us to quickly iterate on the functionalities crucial to maximising productivity, while adapting day to day work distribution to prevailing circumstances.

We then took the tool to the next level by progressively adding other teams. This enabled us to fine-tune its core logic, gradually adapting it to the restraints of the entire department.

Finally, to anticipate potential shortcomings, we set-up automatic analyses that provide the client with detailed forecasts on work volume, and alerts on on missing skills or workforce.


Efficency gains illustration. Click to enlarge.

Efficency gains illustration. Click to enlarge.

In under 10 weeks, we delivered our client a fully functional tool that laid the ground work for efficient workforce management over the long term:

  • Drastic reduction in repetitive planification and back office tasks worth at least 2 full time equivalents when compounded (approximately a 15% efficiency improvement)

  • Increase in overall job satisfaction amongst the 400+ back office team due to the better skills-workload matching, improved quality, and the higher ability to meet targets

  • Ability to better estimate future recruitment and training needs