Report Automation at a Business School

Context & Objectives

A lifelong learning organisation was facing a complex data architecture that gave poor visibility on the funnel of conversion of each program. Reporting was done manually and was particularly time-consuming when it was not simply impossible to achieve. They turned to Agilytic to bring clarity by developing an automated reporting tool.


After an initial phase of data collection and audit, we worked with the internal teams to

  • Conceptually formalise the different conversion paths for each program

  • Consolidate data sources to map these paths

  • Format reporting in the most convenient way for internal teams

  • Industrialise scripts to automate update and on-demand reporting


The final reporting tool allowed to publish up-to-date spreadsheets and graphs on demand. Doing so, we provided the marketing and operational teams with insights that were previously difficult to get and freed hours of work to be re-invested in value-adding tasks.

Photo credit: Fred Romero.