HR analytics to match the fast-paced hospitality industry

Context & Objectives

A fast-growing player in the restaurant industry was eager to improve its workforce management.

The hospitality industry is famous for its high competition and staff turnover. Employees tend to move between jobs often and work under different contractual requirements. Coordinating employee scheduling software and payroll software is complex, making administrative tasks very time consuming.

Our client was therefore looking for a custom solution that could extract the employee scheduling data and transform it to fit their payroll software and legal requirements.


We started by checking the availability and access to the employee scheduling data, which was key to the success of the project. The crucial first step was thus to sit together with all stakeholders, such as HR and legal, to clearly define the rules the final output had to obey to.

This intense collaboration allowed us to reach a workable solution after one week, which we fine-tuned through iterations with the HR department. Additionally, we automated the solution such that it could be operated when and where needed.  


Our client received a tailor-made automated data funnel that extracted workforce data and converted it to a format compatible with their payroll software, suiting internal and legal needs.

Within weeks of the start of the project, our solution could be used to manage their payroll, saving up to three days of manual checking each month.

In turn, this allowed HR managers to focus their time on their workforce instead of time-consuming administration.