A restaurant chain grows with its reporting

Context & Objectives

A fast-growing player in the restaurant industry needed to scale its operational monitoring along with the steady increase of locations, employees and customers.

The challenge was first to determine which elements reflect performance best. Together, we decided to focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reflecting revenue, sales and workforce, but also social media reviews and waiting times per establishment.


A considerable amount of care went first into data gathering and preparation. We started by verifying the quality and accessibility of all required data sources, which vary greatly in level of complexity and accessibility (i.e. cash register data, workforce data, but also Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor ratings and reviews).

We then moved onto the creation of a visual tool that would allow managers to easily follow up the KPI’s: a dashboard. The design of the dashboard required a close collaboration with the users of the final product in order to make visualisation that fully served their need.

Finally, we automated the whole “data collection → preparation → visualisation” process to generate daily updates.


In a matter of weeks, we managed to deliver the following results :

  • Considerable time savings:  the automation of this reporting greatly reduced the time spent on repetitive operations, freeing precious hours each weeks to focus on running the operations.

  • New, more relevant performance indicators: the creation of new performance indicators better suited to the business gave our client clearer insights on the most pressing issues.

  • More reactive operations:  it became possible to check daily on each of its establishment, empowering them to react instantly to decreasing sales or negative reviews.