Know when it is time to (re)engage your retail customers

Context & objectives

A leading electronics retailer had recently undergone a change in its whole concept, complete with a rebranding.

The team needed a deeper understanding of their clients to support and optimise their new marketing efforts. However, because of the rebranding, nothing was certain anymore. One of the main challenges was to identify the right segments to target first with the new concept.


We opted for a behavioural segmentation based on customers’ purchase habits over the previous 5 years.

Once divided into segments, we were able to determine for the most active segments the best products to suggest using a recommendation engine like Amazon’s. For each segment, based on past campaigns, we suggested impactful marketing messages and channels to maximise the re-engagement of the customers into the newly created brand.


Illustration of the segmentation result (click to enlarge)

The resulting segments and associated recommendations allowed the client to:

  1. Have a detailed view of the evolution of their portfolio over the last years, including the impact of the rebranding phase

  2. Identify customer activation drivers based on their historical behaviour

  3. Optimise and prioritise marketing campaigns