Improving the performance of digital campaigns

Context & Objectives

A leading player in the tourism industry was wondering how its investments in marketing activities were impacting its online and offline sales. They therefore asked Agilytic to develop an attribution model allowing to distinguish sales according to whether they were due to recurring dynamics, external factors such as competitor’s campaigns and its own marketing activity.


Working together with in-house teams, we ran econometric modelling to highlight:

  • The different dynamics between online and offline sales

  • The different contributions of offline and online marketing activities

  • The interactions between these marketing activities

Finally, we organised the transfer of knowledge and scripts with internal teams to provide them with autonomy and increased data literacy.


Our model allowed our client to:

  1. Gain deep knowledge on how sales channels react to marketing

  2. Optimise the marketing budget allocation by identifying over and underinvestment

  3. Determine the most effective ways to communicate through each marketing channel

Illustration of an attribution model explaining the impact on sales of various advertising channels. Click to enlarge.