B2B outreach in the tourism indusry

Context & Objectives

A local leader in the tourism industry was eager to diversify its income sources. In an industry where attendance is highly seasonal, boosting one's B2B sales is a great way to fill in the occupancy gaps in low seasons, when consumer demand is lower.

One of the critical challenges of B2B outreach is that it is much more personalised, face-to-face, and therefore requires more efforts than larger scale sales & marketing fit for B2C awareness. With limited sales resources, a poorly planned B2B sales outreach can thus become a very costly mistake.


The first step was to look back at the historical B2B performance of the company. In Belgium, this is best carried out using the VAT identifier of clients' invoicing records.

From the VAT and transaction amounts, we were able to reconstruct a trusted database of past B2B deals, complete with company size, sector, select financial ratios, etc. It was then enriched and qualified by the sales staff along various axes such as relevance and strategic importance.

We then applied a mix of machine-defined and hand-picked criteria to an Agilytic proprietary company database to score the businesses and prioritise those with the highest likelihood to be interested in the services proposed by our client.


In a matter of weeks, our client went from artisanal to professional.

Leaving a shared Excel sheet, the prospects, deals and subsequent interactions were now logged in the CRM like any other deal. Furthermore, each recommendation and scoring were included as well, leading to dramatic improvements in both sales team efficiency and conversion rates.