Moving beyond Excel in real estate

Context & Objectives

A leading real estate developer was eager to do away with the complexities of Excel for its reporting. 

Ranging in the tens of thousands and not always following the same structure, Excel files were becoming a major hurdle for the organisation’s digitalisation and automation objectives. 

The developer hired Agilytic for automating their Excel processing and prepare their structured data as a prerequisite to a trusted reporting and further analytics projects.


We set up an automated processing workflow to

  • Extract, transform and load all the valuable data from thousands of Excel files into one integrated file

  • Design a data schema that would accommodate extracted and structured data for the valuation

  • Audit the extracted data to ensure they met technical and business requirements


Within a few weeks, we were able to provide our client with one single structured database of all properties and associated valuation history. 

This intervention

  • Saved countless hours of manual reconciliation work

  • Provided a trusted, unified data source for a consistent group-wide reporting

  • Served as a basis for further advanced analytics projects (valuation automation, forecasting, etc.)