Vehicle Fleet Optimisation in Brussels

Context & Objectives

A non-profit organisation offering meal delivery and home care services was convinced that it could improve the use of its fleet. They had little visibility on how each vehicle was used and doubted they were using the best routes for the different tours. All these elements generated unnecessary costs that threatened the operations of the organisation and ultimately the quality of life of its patients. 

The management team asked us to optimise the size and use of the fleet in a way that reduced costs while improving the level of service in Brussels, where mobility issues are particularly acute. 


Working in close collaboration with internal teams, we 

  • Collected and consolidated data from the different operational databases

  • Mapped the current use and capacity of each vehicle along with the routes used

  • Optimised tours to maximise patients served while minimising time spent between stops

  • Sized the optimal fleet needed for the tours and how to distribute them between vehicles


Our optimisation exercise ultimately led to a reduction of the fleet size by 32% while increasing the level of service, curbing operation costs and reducing the workload of the planning team.

Example of an optimised route map. Click to enlarge.

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