The last couple of years have been an incredible journey both at the technical and the entrepreneurial level. We are happy to share our experiences with your audience. Examples of previous presentations include:

  • The Agilytic entrepreneurial story: how we started, things we learned along the way, recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs and data scientists
  • Customer Experience: a checklist on how to use data to improve customer experience
  • Case studies: anonymised case studies based on real Agilytic missions, some of which are already on our website.
    They can revolve around a given topic (e.g., marketing mix optimisation, customer churn, bad debt) or a specific industry (pharma, banking, insurance, retail...).

We Have Done This Before

We have been fortunate to have been invited to share various aspects of the Agilytic projects at conferences, business schools or private events. Our senior experts have extensive experience in public speaking. Some of us have even followed specific public speaking training to be ready for the big day.

Our cardinal rule: no "pay to play"

It doesn't matter how great a discount we might be able to get, or that everybody else is doing it. We believe that the effort we will put in to present at your event is contribution enough. As a company policy, we do not accept speaking engagements that require us to pay an event organiser, be it "sponsorship" or any other way it may be described.

How does it work ?

Before we start, we always ask about the event, its objective and the expected audience.

  • Event: what is the setting (hotel, conference hall), is this a recurring or a one-time thing, who was there in previous editions, who is organising it
  • Objective: what is the goal of the event, its unique selling proposition, what do you wish attendees accomplish there
  • Audience: what is your target audience (business, technical), how many people do you expect

When Can we get An Advance Copy Of your presentation?

Short answer: when it is ready.

We are as much concerned about the quality of our presentations as you are (if not more). Sometimes we keep working on it until the last minute, and it is for the best. That doesn't mean you are kept in the dark: as soon as we start working together, we intend on sharing the outline of our presentation, and convene on .


Don’t take it the wrong way, but we like our tools better. When possible, we are happy to plug our laptop into an HDMI port, have our remote ready and just get to it. If your event has a more elaborate setup (multi-screen, outdoors...), we will make it work, but let’s agree on the tech requirements as soon as possible.

How much do you charge?

We are not professional speakers, so we do not plan to charge outlandish speaking fees. We also get that a good presentation brings valuable exposure to our company, but something tells us you will remind us anyway 😉.

On the other hand, we work hard to prepare engaging and authentic contributions that will be valued by the attendees. That is why, depending on the effort required (distance from Belgium, technical constraints, specificity of the topics covered), we might ask for a reasonable contribution to the costs of preparing, traveling and delivering the best possible presentation.


  • 1h presentation in Antwerp on a familiar topic, simple set-up (we plug our laptop and go): does €0 sound good? 😇
  • 4h seminar in Barcelona, on a comparative analysis of statistical methods for credit decisions in banking: as much as we love the sunny seaside and tapas, we‘ll probably ask you to chip in for the transport and accommodation (don't worry, economy class is fine and we don’t need to stay at a Four Seasons)... seems about fair, right ?