Odara Thongsamouth

Data Program Manager

Odara spent the past ten years in the consulting world at different management levels (C-level included) on innovation, digital transformation, data, and analytics.

She started her career at the Ministry of Defense as a data scientist in Electronic Warfare.

As a true polymath, she has an extensive range of interests. She loves to seek the broader implication of a problem and interacting with various stakeholders, from the tech teams to the C-suite. She likes coming up with new ideas and bringing projects to life by combining disparate areas.

Odara holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Royal Military Academy. She previously obtained her Masters' in Physics at the University of Namur.

She complements her academic credentials with several executive certifications, such as Digital Strategy (Columbia Business School) and Cybersecurity Risk Management (Harvard University).

Always motivated by challenges and difficulties at work but also in her spare time, after studying the chemistry of cooking and exploring molecular cuisine, she is now figuring out how to master the art of opera singing.