Nico Grassetto

Data Science Intern

Nico joined Agilytic in July 2022. He is currently enrolled in a Bachelor's degree in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence at the department of advanced computing of Maastricht University. He intends to pursue an engineering master's degree in computer science at KU Leuven in the fall of 2023. Previously, Nico worked on several projects within his curriculum. These ranged from reinforcement learning to recommender systems and artificial intelligence more broadly, such as using evolutionary computing to find sub-optimal solutions to 3D packing problems and developing a chatbot for students.

Nico developed an interest in programming and technology at an early age, starting with C and PHP and then JavaScript. He grew a penchant for data science and artificial intelligence along the way, leading him to current studies. In his spare time, Nico works on ML-related projects and reads textbooks about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and technology in general. When not learning, Nico likes running. For a brief time, he ran at a competitive level in high school. Nowadays, he runs 3-4 times a week. Aside from running, he also likes taking long walks with his malinois.

The working environment fosters continuous learning through beautifully crafted video tutorials and resource repositories written by Agilytic's engineers. Besides, everyone is open to new ideas and questions, which is a huge advantage over other companies I interviewed with.