Jérôme Belpaire

Senior Data Scientist

Jérôme joined Agilytic as a data scientist in 2017.He obtained his bachelor's degree in Business Engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven before finishing his master's degree at the Louvain School of Management Magna Cum Laude.

Jérôme is fascinated by the underlying value of data and the impact it can have on attaining goals.

During his free time, he enjoys traveling to remote places and outdoor sports.

Attracted by the dynamic work environments of consultancy, I applied to big and small firms. Agilytic stood out, as it promised me exactly what I was looking for: hands-on data analysis, while keeping the business value as the final objective. The projects vary greatly in length, type, and objective, making the dynamic work environment I came looking for. The team is awesome (and growing, I started when we were only 5)! Even though we spend most of our time at the clients, we keep close contact with our fellow colleagues, which I highly value.