Gautier Radermecker

Data Science Manager

Gautier joined Agilytic in September 2021 as a Data Science Manager. He holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from ULiège, where he began his career as a Signal Processing Engineer.

Next, he moved to the role of Project Leader in R&D to develop an IoT sensor. With this large project, he became passionate not only about data but almost all digital technologies (from cloud to web development).

In 2019, he decided to move to London, joining Deloitte Consulting in the Industry 4.0 team. He took on multiple roles such as cloud engineer to build data warehouses or program coordinator in large digital transformation programs.

Outside work, Gautier is either enjoying time with friends and family or looking to discover new music and expand his music 'database'!

When I go into work or 'sign-on,' I know I'm going to be around good people. In Agilytic’s environment, it's safe and welcome to say your opinion and propose ideas that help you work on yourself. That’s what gets me excited each morning. I find it’s easy to get the support I need, and there are great minds here to help along the way and bring a lot of value to our clients and Agilytic.