Clément Soens

Data Scientist

Clement joined Agilytic as a Data Scientist in 2022 after his internship.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics and Management. He is also part of the QTEM master network. His passion for data began with the several data-driven projects he conducted during his exchanges at HEC Montreal and Luiss Roma.

Besides his work at Agilytic, Clement writes a PhD thesis in econometrics about innovation market valuation.

In his free time, he loves traveling with scouts and running.

As an intern, I developed two types of skills. Firstly, technical skills. I worked with Python before, but I became very comfortable with it by the end of my internship. I had the chance to deep-dive into new modules and libraries, either for the needs of projects or that came recommended by colleagues. Secondly, my business and soft skills improved, insights from our Managing Partners Chris and Julien honed my understanding of managing expectations, giving presentations, and following through on deliverables with a client. We worked a lot in the Agile method for continuous iterations and improvement on projects.