Alex Schouleur

Senior Data Scientist

Alex joined Agilytic as a Data Scientist in 2018.He holds a Master’s degree in Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics and Management. As former president of the Solvay Digital Society, he contributed by sharing the latest digital tech trends with students.

Business-minded, he loves discussing new ways to boost companies’ growth with Data Science.

You will likely see him reading, traveling, or enjoying quality time with his friends and family during his free time.

Work-wise: Missions tend to be short (2-3 months) and intense. You learn a lot on the job, no technology is out of reach (Python, Power BI, AWS, Azure, KNIME, etc.). Fun-wise: We have "Social Thursdays" once a month where we have a business update and then go grab a drink together. We also have team buildings and off-sites. I discovered Agilytic because I wanted to work in Data Science in a startup environment. I think someone with an analytical mindset and communication skills would be a good fit at Agilytic.