Smarter segmentation leads to better decisions in health insurance

Context & objectives

Active in healthcare products and services, our client wanted to grow qualitatively by maximizing sales from existing customers and focusing customer acquisition on those with the most significant commercial potential. In this context, our client’s Chief Marketing Officer asked Agilytic to help him better understand its customer base and identify the following:

  • The key characteristics of best customers to guide acquisition campaign
  • The next best action for each existing customer


Working iteratively and collectively with internal teams, we

  • Led workshops to help define “good customers” based on financial value, longevity, growth potential, and quality of the relationship
  • Segmented the customer base using these definitions
  • Highlighted consumption patterns common to customers within the same segment
  • Built recommendation engine to maximize revenues from customers based on patterns


Our recommendation engine helped our client’s staff take the best marketing action at the customer level to increase their value and build loyalty.

Additionally, we identified the key factors which increase the probability of a prospect becoming a top profitable customer. Some factors were socio-demographic (linked for example to age, location, etc.); others were behavioral (e.g. product holding, product usage, contact channels used...).

These insights helped our client’s marketing team to prioritize actions while ensuring qualitative growth.

About Agilytic

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