Up-to-date sales tool data in commercial real estate

Context & objectives

Maintaining a competitive advantage in retail is all about location, location, location. So when an international real estate actor ran the risk of offering decreased services because of its sales tool inaccurately mapping the portfolio, we got to work to prevent any further damage.

The new CRM turned out to be incompatible with the tool, which meant the latter was running on outdated information. The quality and accuracy of the output were thus highly compromised.


We dove into the new CRM and manually identified the tables in which the necessary elements, such as commercial buildings’ assets, active properties, and transactional histories, had been categorized.

We then carried out a data consolidation process to assemble the data in a predefined scheme. The process allowed us to run it through a previously built data pipeline, making its format compatible with the tool and ready to be integrated. As such, we improved the sales tool’s quality without hindering its employment.


In only two weeks, we established a migration process for the sales tool that significantly strengthened our client’s sales department as it resulted in:

  • an up and running mapping tool
  • updated information on retail properties
  • a state-of-the-art comparison of properties’ location assets

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