Make your customers a offer they can’t refuse (telecom)

Context & objectives

Small increments in sales can lead to big differences on the bottom line for a large telecom operator. One of the best ways to increase commercial performance is to carry out "up-sell" campaigns that provide existing customers with new additional value-adding services to their plans.

In this case study, Agilytic needed to quickly deploy an up-sell model that was efficient enough to yield a significant up-sell rate while being lightweight enough to be updated nightly on limited resources.


Agilytic developed a model that delivered not only up-sell recommendations but also the commercial justification right into the call center agent's interface. Thus, the agents had the final justification already made when it was time to make the proposition to the client.

The project was also a demonstration of agility: the model was designed to run nightly on a local secured desktop PC, fetching the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and billing data and pushing an updated set of recommendations into the call center systems before 8 AM every day.


The commercial justification and unmissable nature of the up-sell propositions led to a double-digit increase in the conversion rate on all eligible calls.

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