Designing a digital transformation project roadmap for a health insurer

Context & objectives

Offering solutions to the healthcare industry, our client wanted to transform itself to leverage data to provide better services to customers, increase revenues and optimize operational processes. With this objective in mind, our client’s Chief Transformation Officer asked Agilytic for support in designing the roadmap to help them achieve this transformation.

“Being in the middle of an IT transition was no excuse to do nothing.”


First, we started with a data audit to identify all available data sources, map the relational architecture of data, evaluate each data source’s quality, and assess the benefits and limitations of current tools used by our client.

Second, we led workshops with in-house IT and business teams to define short, mid, and long-term objectives and rank associated projects based on both the expected impact and feasibility.

Impact / Effort mapping helped identify and prioritize quick wins, actionable long before the cloud transition was complete.


Ultimately, we provided our client with a pragmatic data roadmap. The roadmap timeline summarized:

·      The projects to be carried out

·      The type of data and IT infrastructure needed

·      The evolution of the business questions that could be addressed as the data maturity increases

With this new method, the client was well-positioned to make the most out of their new cloud environment both in the present, and the future, and benefit from increased data oversight.

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