Making sense of disorganized data with a defined roadmap for a leading automobile brand

Context & objectives

Gaps in data capture, data documentation, and data transformation can snowball into a severe data quality problem with time. For business stakeholders, this leads to paralysis, and the incapacity to innovate in all departments, such as sales, after-sales or finance.

Without a clear understanding of how to prioritize data projects and utilize a vast amount of commercial data to their advantage, a leading automotive player recognized the need to partner with an expert in data management.


Involving All Stakeholders

Initially, Agilytic’s experts met with the automotive client’s key stakeholders to have a Brainstorming Workshop to assess and identify high-impact needs around Business Intelligence (BI) transformation. This meeting concluded insights from marketing, finance, customer relations, IT, sales, and post-sales teams to see how to develop and leverage a full picture of commercial data in the Data Roadmap.

Next, Agilytic held Individual Follow-Up Sessions to refine each team's needs further and prioritize project activities. To lend further insight to the project, Agilytic met with CRM, and IT teams to evaluate the feasibility of the different conditions the stakeholders required.

Building the Data Roadmap

Agilytic set-out to propose a strong data foundation and account for critical business needs, including accurate customer profiling (e.g., customer segmentation, propensity to buy, measuring customer lifetime value), effective marketing execution, governance of people/process/tools, and operational excellence (financial reporting automation).

Finally, Agilytic delivered the Data Roadmap documentation containing the list of data projects with their estimated impact, the approach required, and the estimated effort needed in measured man-days to help the client implement the most relevant initiatives.


The client saw a clear improvement in approaching data projects before vs. after adopting the Data Roadmap insights.

Now, there is clarity on the current BI situation. With a comprehensive outlook, concrete data projects can be launched with an accurate estimation of impact determined and effort required, thus saving the client’s teams countless planning hours in advance of each project.

About Agilytic

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