Prioritizing B2B sales activities in telecom

Context & objectives

A leading telecom operator was eager to make a push in the Small-to-Midsize Enterprise (SME) B2B market. To that end, it already had at its disposal a database of over 100.000 prospects.

However, not all B2B prospects have the same potential, and the data was far from up-to-date. In practice, it became quickly evident that the database was yielding a suboptimal ROI in its sales efforts.

The operator hired us to improve the quality of the prospect database to focus its sales force on prospects with the most commercial potential.


We first set out to clean the data, by correcting incomplete or out-of-date information and by removing duplicates.

We then analyzed the existing customer portfolio to better understand what type of packages were most favored by activity sector, company size, age, geography, or financial information.

The analysis contributed to building a prospect score, complete with a clear justification for each company.

We finally incorporated this score in the campaign directives dispatched to the sales teams (outbound calls, door-to-door) to better prioritize their actions based on each prospect score.


  • A better understanding of product preferences by customer segment, sector, geography
  • A clearer view of over/under-performance of the operator compared by segment, activity sector, geography, and company size…
  • A significant improvement of the sales ROI thanks to the prioritized prospect list

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