Boosting commercial initiatives with an automated prospecting tool in utilities

Context & objectives

A renewable energy company needed commercial performance support with a prospecting tool to identify companies and establishments that may benefit from their services.

To improve its commercial performance, the client wanted to identify companies whose roofs have a high photovoltaic potential, particularly between 250 and 1000m2.

The client also needed contact information to support their commercialization team’s efforts.


In just a few days, we managed to scrape and analyze available roofing data for companies found on the solar map to turn this into valuable commercial insights for the client.

  1. Downloading and structuring the data from the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises (company addresses on Google Maps, the unit of establishment, emails, and phone numbers).
  2. Mapping the company addresses with the parcel addresses of the cadastral map of the SPF Finance.
  3. Scraping of the data from the website highlighting the solar potential for all the companies in Brussels.

We categorized the data from high to low solar potential depending on certain criteria. The criteria included total roof area with excellent, medium, low potential depending on the roofing's potential surface, inclination, and orientation. This was enhanced by data from the green certificate gain, electricity bill gain, net gain over 10 years, environmental gain, and purchase price.

We then structured the collected data in Excel. As larger companies have multiple locations, we could identify multiple opportunities for the client. Matching email addresses, phone information, and preferred language were also flagged for each company to prepare valuable prospects and further support the client’s commercial team.


A pragmatic project like this had a direct impact:

  • An Excel sheet to be used as a prospecting tool with organized data of identified prospects.
  • A working script delivered all data collected during the project, which we filtered to keep important roofing data. The client can re-use this script in the future on an as-needed basis.

Thanks to this project, the client now knows which prospects have the most potential, and thus, which prospects to contact in priority.

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