Netflix is a notoriously data-driven company, and the Daredevil header art test is one of hundreds it will conduct this year. That data trove has also enabled Netflix’s gamble on global expansion, by illuminating one simple fact: People are all different, but not in the ways you’d imagine.

“There’s a mountain of data that we have at our disposal,” says Todd Yellin, Netflix’s VP of product innovation. Netflix has a well-earned reputation for using the information it gleans about its customers to drive everything from the look of the service to the shows in which it invests. “That mountain is composed of two things. Garbage is 99 percent of that mountain. Gold is one percent… . Geography, age, and gender? We put that in the garbage heap. Where you live is not that important.”

Wired → Netflix’s Grand, Daring, Maybe Crazy Plan to Conquer the World