Inside Facebook’s AI Machine

“I think that we’ve made the world a much better place,” he says, and offers to tell a story. The day before our interview, Candela made a call to a Facebook connection he had met only once—a father of one of his friends. He had seen that person posting pro-Trump stories, and was perplexed by their thinking. Then Candela realized that his job is to make decisions based on data, and he was missing important information. So he messaged the person and asked for a conversation. The contact agreed, and they spoke by phone. “It didn’t change reality for me, but made me look at things in a very, very different way,” says Candela. “In a non-Facebook world I never would have had that connection.” In other words, though AI is essential — even existential — for Facebook, it’s not the only answer. “The challenge is that AI is really in its infancy still,” says Candela. “We’re only getting started.”

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