Boost your hospitality business with data science

Data science is steadily gaining importance in the hospitality business. New technologies have the potential to transform almost every facet of the industry to deliver better returns, processes and experiences, making it easier to place the customer at the center of your business.

Since 2015, Agilytic helps businesses in tourism and hospitality to reach their goals through the power of analytics, through a variety of successful projects spanning the entire customer experience and support activities.

Demonstrated experience in hospitality

Agilytic has been actively assisting restaurants, hotels and tour operators, going beyond the dashboard and towards proactive recommendations for a more efficient commercial performance management, enhanced customer experience and smarter HR practices. To name a few…


Boost underserved segments in your client base

“Business to business” (B2B) is not necessarily the most obvious target for hospitality players, but when targeted efficiently, B2B prospects can convert into a substantial — and steady source of revenue.

With a deep understanding of B2B data, Agilytic can help you


React faster and better by monitoring online reviews

When 78% of people decide online which venue to attend, it comes as no surprise that positive reviews and high ratings are crucial. They can significantly increase the number of customers, and therefore revenue. However, closely monitoring your online presence through different platforms, can be time consuming and cluttered.

We can help to make this process smoother: monitor what people say about your business at a glance by connecting to the different social media and integrate all reviews in you existing reporting tools. Don’t know how to dashboard? We can also build one for you.

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Secure a more loyal customer base

In hospitality, up to 71% of revenue comes from recurring customers. Using marketing to make customers return is therefore vital for your business. However, bringing the right message to each customer is challenging considering the variety of tastes and expectations. We can help you identify different segments of customers visiting your establishment, in order to roll out customised product recommendations and “next best action” recommendations to boost revenue from regular customers and turn one-time visitors into loyal clients.

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Simplify and automate payroll

With seasonality, rapidly changing workforces and vastly varying contractual requirements, payroll administration can take up a large amount of time. However, this process can be automatised and customised to suit your HR needs, allowing the focus to be shifted from repetitive administrative task to employees.

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Anticipate employee mobility

Employee mobility in hospitality rises as high as 70%. While your employees are the ones interacting directly with clients, retaining skilled workers remains an issue.

We can assist you to uncover the elements driving your employee mobility and empower you to take targeted actions.

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Insights. Actions. Results.

Since 2015, Agilytic helps organisations reach their goals through the smarter use of data.
We have completed over 60 successful projects, in hospitality and beyond.