Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.
— W. Edwards Deming

Reach your goals through smarter use of data

Boost sales

Target high potential segments (B2C or B2B), prioritise your prospect list and optimise your geo-marketing efforts.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Identify unhappy customers before they switch to the competition

Minimise risk exposure

Anticipate payment default and detect fraudulent patterns

Improve productivity

Find bottlenecks in your processes and eliminate wasteful steps in your operations

We are about solving problems and reaching new milestones with you. That's why

  • we believe in very clearly-defined missions, whose success can be measured in business terms.
  • we strive to adapt to your technologies and your development roadmap
  • we make sure your teams are included in our projects and that they are in charge when our mission ends

Start with the business challenge

We believe data is a means to an end. That is why we always start with a business challenge, from improving sales to reducing customer churn.

Map out an agile data project

We strive to deliver results in weeks, not months. Our agile methodology combines ressource-efficiency with iterative modelling.


Adapt to your environment

We are technologically agnostic. We connect to virtually all data sources and our deliverables include source code, automated Microsoft Office reports (Powerpoint, Excel, Word) or dashboards using the latest tools (Tableau, Qlik, Kibana).

Empower your teams

We believe that some competencies must be handed over to your team for sustainable impact.
We are happy to prepare the required handover and training at the end of our missions, or even prepare a bespoke training programme on a given tool or methodology.