Many financial services organisations already use analytics to assess clients' potential risk and profitability. But many also fail to apply the same practice when dealing with defaulting clients.

Since 2015 Agilytic has helped financial institutions, services companies and debt collection specialists improve their recovery process in a way that is more efficient, but also more human for the debtor.

All debtors are not the same.

The first thing to realise is that customers ending up in the debt collection department are not the same. Some might present fraudulent patterns, but others miss a payment by distraction, because they expect an unrelated reimbursement; not paying can also be the last resort way for a customer to express dissatisfaction towards your organisation.

Because each customer is unique, each one needs to be treated as such, even at the collection stage.

Historically, the view of performance for collection operations is centred around quantity: quantity of cases, calls, etc. Through a personalised approach, we can instead optimise a backlog of cases by potential recovered revenue.


Data Science applied to collections.

By applying data science to your collection operations, we will combine internal and external data to

  • get a better understanding of the behaviour and characteristics of your outstanding debtors

  • have a finer assessment of the likelihood to recover the debts

  • prioritise cases by amount and recoupment likelihood

  • personalise contact recommendations on the optimal channel, message and timing

The impact is thus twofolds:

  • Effectiveness, by increasing the amounts recouped

  • Efficiency by reducing the effort (time & cost) to treat a case until recoupment

Examples of deliverables

  • Risk Segmentation Models: combining internal and external data, we build bespoke client models to estimate an individual customer’s propensity to pay.

  • Process pricing calculator: automate your decision to pursue each case based on the discounted cash flow (probability to recoup and amount to recoup) and the cost of the optimal recoupment process.

  • Legal escalation assessment: score each case to determine the cases needing legal escalation.

  • Next best action model: determine the best channel / message / timing for each case.


What our clients say

Agilytic helped us stay ahead of the competition. They brought innovative solutions to our business, helped us better understand our data leading to an improvement in our processes.
They are proactive, highlight original opportunities for improvement, while remaining respectful and convivial. Hiring Agilytic was without a doubt an excellent investment !
— D. Zovi — Managing Director, Euro Fides

Past successes in recovery

A dunning process that works

A leading debt collection agency asked Agilytic to improve its efficiency. This meant better understanding the collection processes and the efforts required from its specialists responsible for visiting customers.

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Tackling the “bad debt” problem in healthcare

A major health insurance player was facing a late payment issue that put a major drag on working capital and reduced the capacity to finance strategic projects. They solicited Agilytic to better understand and ultimately reduce accounts receivables by improving the speed of payment recovery.

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Knowledge transfer in mind from the start

A project is only successful with buy-in and understanding of all the stakeholders. That includes the front-line teams that are taking part in the solution building process. Since everybody contributes to the solution building, co-creation dramatically improves the adoption of the solutions.

Also, if your team already has analytical professional in-house, we happily join forces with them and prepare a comprehensive knowledge transfer at the end of our intervention.


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