We are often asked about the best way to kickstart one's career in data science in general, and in our line consultancy in particular. There is no specific school or reference book, but the following works should serve as a nice launchpad.

Please keep in mind we didn't write any of those, so linking to these works doesn't mean that we agree 100% with the views of their authors or their motives.

This page is meant to be updated regularly, so check back from time to time. 

An article to get you started: a quant's experience in changing careers towards Data Science

Learning tools

A subscription to DataCamp (max 30$ per month) can be a great investment — if you have the time and the motivation to use it.

KDnuggets has a couple of articles to structure your learning around Data Science and Python:


Below are a few books recommended by the Agilytic team.

  • Big Data MBA: gives an interesting look at the structure of a data science-based business project, like the ones we carry out at Agilytic
  • Storytelling with Data: simple steps to transform your data visualisation into clutter-free masterpieces. 

Agilytic resources

We have a reading list that regularly links to interesting articles about data science and its impact on our society.

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