We are looking for a highly motivated copywriting intern.

As a copywriting intern, you will be one of our most important voices, bringing our 60+ successful projects to light.


What Céline has to say about her internship

Six weeks at Agilytic allowed me to step into the world of Data Science. It was a big adventure full of learnings and challenges. I had the chance to work for a real client which was even more stimulating and gave me a faithful overview of the everyday life of a data scientist. Moreover, I was more than happy to get to know this dynamic and promising team who supported me and helped me develop my skills along the way. Thank you!

What we are looking for 

We are looking for an in-house journalism/copywriting intern to create content related to the 60+ projects already successfully carried out by our team of data scientists.

Together with the consultants and sales manager, you explore business challenges, follow interesting trends, dig into actual Agilytic projects, and turn all this into compelling stories aimed at business leaders and young graduates eager to work with us.

You participate in setting up the content calendar, content strategy by channel; your stories will end up on our owned and paid media (website, social media, etc.)

Your mission is thus to:

  1. Describe the tangible business impact our team has on organisations and their goals (e.g. case studies, landing pages copy, testimonials...)

  2. Make data-science and data-minded professionals interested in working at Agilytic (e.g. illustrate how our projects can be professionally fullfilling)


  • Relevant training in the domain of journalism and content creation (e.g. as a journalist, editor, copywriter, content marketer, market researcher, content writer, marketing analyst, multi-media reporter, content strategist...)

  • Impeccable English written communication skills (blogs, articles, focused on digital and social platforms): you are either a native English speaker or have been immersed in the English language since a very young age.

  • You are curious, inquisitive and critical

  • Passionate about innovation, and understanding our activities and industry

  • You are able to distill a complicated story into a short summary.

  • Able to work with a limited outline or very early stage draft version of a story, and committed to deadlines

  • Fast learner to level up your knowledge of the most relevant topics

  • Basic understanding of SEO and experience in working in Squarespace and Hubspot are a plus

What you can expect 

  • A team of smart and supportive data scientists to challenge you and help you grow;

  • Opportunities to contribute to real value-adding projects such as project deliverables or internal asset development;

  • Exposure to the day to day life of a growing data science consultancy practice;

  • Time to learn fundamentals skills in data science and opportunities to apply them to real cases;

  • A friendly and comfortable work environment, in a private office at an ultra-modern coworking space.

In practice

  • You are welcome to experience life at Agilytic and join us in our La Hulpe offices. We think you will like it here.
    There are regular shuttles from the La Hulpe train station, and we have some spaces available should you choose to bike or drive to work.

  • We are a registered business in Belgium and can provide you an official attestation for your internship.

  • We will reimburse you a daily stipend to cover travel and food expenses while you are with us. Please keep in mind this is not a paid internship; no extra travel or accommodation expenses can be covered at this stage.

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Selection Process

The application process starts with an online enquiry form and should not take more than 15 minutes in total.
Make sure you have set aside the adequate time before starting the process.
We suggest you prepare:

  • Your CV: we prefer PDF but Word is fine;

  • A short introduction paragraph explaining why you think you are the right person for us;

  • A description of your ideal working arrangement: location, duration. We are flexible so please come up with a proposal of what you have in mind.

  • A sample of prior original written work. It doesn't have to be related to our industry, but it has to be your creation, and in English.

  • Also, we assume you have browsed our website and are familiar with what we do...right ? 😇

You can expect an answer within 2 to 3 weeks, whether it's positive or not. 
Should we decide to go further with your application, we will convene of a Skype or face-to-face interview.

When you are ready, hit the button below to be redirected to the online form.


What Pierre has to say about his internship

This internship enabled me to learn an impressive range of new skills! Coding, data-cleaning, creating powerful slideshows, I had the opportunity to do a little bit of everything, and that’s what I enjoyed the most. Pre-requisites in all these fields are not essential as every member of the team is happy to share his knowledge with you. They were not afraid to give me responsibilities and involve me in their operations. It is also highly interesting to see how a tech start-up lives and evolves on a daily basis. I’m very thankful for this unique experience and for the warm welcome I got from the team.

Equal Opportunity

We are committed to providing team members with a safe work environment, free of discrimination and harassment. We base both our remuneration structure and decision-making processes on business needs, job requirements and individual qualifications, without regard to race, belief, nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation.